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From concept to print and all along the way
Bringing a publication of any kind into the world, one that expresses your ideas and style and creates meaning and/or utility, can be either a laborious or smooth and enjoyable endeavor. Make it the latter... MORE ABOUT PUBLICATION PLANNING AND DESIGN
Publishing your own work–a growing trend
Not too long ago, self-publishing was generally thought of as “vanity publishing.” But—as thousands of self-published books flooding the marketplace testify—not anymore. With the revolution brought on by the advent of desktop publishing, more and more people are bringing out their own books with confidence, know-how, and style.... MORE ABOUT SELF PUBLISHING
Dotting your i's and crossing your t's
In a world of media overload and sensory distractions, you have to work hard to get people to hear your message. You’ll start with your general audience composition—the “demographics”—and choose the appropriate style and vocabulary for presenting your content. Whatever your medium (print, Web, or broadcast), well-written text gets your ideas across immediately... MORE ABOUT WRITING AND EDITING SERVICES
A friend on the sidelines
Coaching is a process of discovery and building self-confidence in developing ideas and writing. Choosing coaching rather than professional editing engages "you the writer" in a participatory experience... MORE ABOUT COACHING SERVICES FOR WRITERS
A community of writers
One of the most enjoyable ways to become really good at any kind of writing is through expressive or “creative” writing. While writing alone is a standard practice, writing with others immerses us in an interactive environment. We hear, share, and develop ideas. We write and others listen. Others write and we listen. Writers give feedback to each other and catch creative inspiration. In this approach to writing, we develop an easy way with words.... MORE ABOUT WRITING WORKSHOPS

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